Tuesday, July 29, 2008


When to church(PCC) at about 6 something because I was ushering. I was really excited just because it was my first time ushering. at about 7, people started to come as me,rachel,yingshu,connie & lydia started to warmly welcome them......(more like attack them with hi's and hello's... LOL). at 8 it was off duty.joined sarah,carin and shu wern inside.there were so many people jumping & singing.

after praise and worship, we sat down to a long hilarious sermon by some pastor.long story short it ended at bout 11 something. you might think who is the guy with me he is the wonderful drummer of altered frequency

Saturday, July 26, 2008


REVOLUTION tour at pcc!! & St. Xavier Instituition Marching Band concert (SXIMB) .....COMING SOON If I have the time.....LOL

Saturday, July 19, 2008


It all started at let's see 12.30 when garren's mum took us to church after school.we went to church and had our bath.and then waited with belle at tadika rajawali for an hour. sooner or later rachel sarah and ying shu came followed by carin, jeremiah and oon feng. after arguing on where to eat
we made a decision,CRC. left to right:jeremiah,rachel,belle,carin,ying shu,sarah and oon feng.
after eating we took one more photo before going back 2 church.practiced,practiced and practiced.time flew so fast that it was already 7.prayed for the food and ate. after some games & short skit we had a time of discussion.as u all know, roti batu has multiplied and our new name is The Living Batu with chern as our new cell leader.

as u can see yuen chern leading The Living Batu. at about 9.45 we went home. i would like to end with some "gila photos".........