Friday, April 3, 2009


Wah it's been so long since I've used d com.ahh btw my mom change the password.Plus lots a folios i gotta get started with so I'm a lil busy.SO....thats all the updates i single....nah done plan to be unsingle anyway.bye.

Cell Outing

It all started at 3.45 like that.Me ,Justin n geoshan decided to walk from school to Penang bowl.Half way through i realised i left my wallet and house keys in school.I was like S*** finish d lar gone but half of me was like oh please help it to be there.n thank god it was.After that at about 4.45 we started bowling up to7.After that we left to Northam Beach Cafe to makan.(Damn to food there is expensive.)yea so thats how my Friday night was spent.See u.