Monday, September 29, 2008


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Bonding Time

It all started at about 11.30.Me & my mom when to the bank.After that we went across to MetroJaya. Walking around for nothing.There's nothing much there to see. ........... was bored.Then we decided to take a drive to Gurney for lunch since we didn't find anything nice to eat at Metro.parked then walked opposite. We wanted to go eat at Kim Gary but it was so full.After that we walked then decided to eat at the food court. On the way,guess who we met....carnivorous,brotherly,friendly Wilson.After lunch we went to Leomag for waffles.Then we walked,walked,walked (x100) around till 5 something.So ar?..................THANKS MOM!!~xoxo~scully.jr~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When I Grow UP^

When i grow up I wanna be famous,I wanna have my own band,I wanna be in movies (maybe not movies but dramas)......I hope.I wanna be an actor+ doing what i do best.............not talking if that's what your thinking.LOL.Maybe talking is the second thing I do best but the first thing is.(drum
roll)..... is playing DRUMS.Can't wait till I finish form 5.The first I am going to do after form 5 is (another drum roll).... EAR STUD. Feel free to ask me for my signature if i ever become famous.LOL! ~xoxo~scully jr.~

Monday, September 22, 2008

6 Commandments for growing taller.

1.Don't miss any meals.
2.Play basketball with people like chern.
4.Target somebody tall then say to them "I'll be taller than you by..(state a month,year,day,etc)"
5.Don't be lazy to exercise.
6.Try to escape from rachel yeoh if she says her famous sentence "If you want to be tall......." (never turns out good).


Monday, September 15, 2008


Not that bad a movie but if I had a choice i would have gone for another movie but


my version of life. by:me!!

Life is a never ending winding road.In this case we are a fancy Ferrari.We start our engine then turn to my favourite radio station FLY FM.We then continue driving......we bump into friends.....good friends who give us free flow of petrol.Along the way we face the down part of life(the part i hate but we all will have to go through it.) after driving some more.......we meet friends.But this time our parents the mechanics tell us that we should not put our trust in them but stubborn us do and BAM!! they betray us.Then we will continue our journey driving with a blown tyre for miles until we find the nearest mechanics(our parents).They will firstly say"I told you"but they end up comforting us.Then we will come out feeling better and stronger...........~xoxo~scully jr~