Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Tiring Saturday

Went for lunch with Sarah & her friends. and then we walked back to church. when i went back to church i was surprised to see two cute dogs in a box. then only i knew what really happened. isca started and we had to come down every 5 minutes just to check on the dogs which were in the parking lot. we had to go to our cg's but i decided to join the southern sheeps. plus the isca newsletter is out only RM 3 pretty interesting too.

at about 7.15 me and Reuben we were talking to Ying Shu and suddenly we had the weirdest idea to paint our finger nails.not all of them just 3 fingers only. after service, my parents went to some eurasian cafe in air itam. By the time i reached home it was 1.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

SCHOOL life in SXI

The 4 T's of scool life in SXI :

1) Tiring
2) Terrible
3) nothing but Torture &.....
4) Terrific (sometimes only lar)

A Week of Mine

TERRIBLE tuesday
WONDERFUL wednesday
TIRED thursday
HAPPY saturday
SAD sunday